Friday, March 6, 2009

Dominos Delivers

What I love about this recruitment drive from Dominos Pizza in Australia is the visible input and support of their marketing team and CEO in getting out this media release.

It’s obviously a great message during times of job-loss and much easier to get media attention but still, they have done a great job on their careers site with a clearly articulated and compelling candidate value proposition (CVP) for all vacant positions.

Turns out Dominos is a fun place to work, pay is good, there are serious training and development opportunities and real potential for long-term careers even from entry level driver / delivery jobs.

Their careers site is worth a visit as it ticks a lot of boxes. One feature that I love is where they answer the questions of parents who might be considering the benefits and dangers of having their little ones take their first foray into employment.

Also, by suggesting that they have traditionally relied on students and part-timers but that they are ready for applications from others, they open the door for a much wider group of potential employees by driving home the message that Dominos is a viable long-term career option.

An influx of these employees will most certainly reduce staff turnover and directly impact the bottom line of this listed company whose investors and stakeholders should all be happy with this public and highly professional display of respect to the management of their human capital.

Media release:

Pizza chain has 2,500 job vacancies

Tuesday March 3, 2009, 4:20 pm

While the mining and banking sectors lay off thousands of workers, a major food chain says it has 2,500 vacancies.

Domino's Pizza is seeking casual pizza deliverers across its 434 stores in Australia.

The chain is bucking the trend which has seen 3,000 jobs lost in Queensland's mining sector alone this year, and hundreds in other industries such as banking and retail.

Domino's chief executive Don Meij said the economic downturn was turning many families to more affordable takeaway food.

"As a result this has seen our stores experience the need for additional staff to fulfil orders and deliveries," Mr Meij said.

Domino's has launched a recruitment website, to help fill its vacancies.

With a minimum hourly rate of $10.78 for the first three months plus $1.73 for each delivery, the traditional job takers are university students.

But Domino's corporate operations manager Kerri Hayman said there were career paths at the firm, which might have ex-bank workers and miners lining up for jobs.


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