Friday, December 26, 2008

Oxus Christmas Lunch

With the paparazzi otherwise occupied shooting the festive follies of Mando-pop superstars, the people of Oxus sneaked out for their annual Christmas lunch last Wednesday at the exclusive “Café de la Poste” in trendy BeiXinQiao.

Shunning the private dining rooms, the folks from Oxus reserved a table in the general seating area and proceeded to consume a good few kilograms of imported French red meats and wines.

During the meal, the lively discussion generated solutions to the unwelcome impact of the financial crisis in China as well as a full re-working of the judicial system and a 12-step path to full-blown democracy that could be played out in less than 3 months if required. The plans will now stand by until being called upon by the central leadership.

Having enjoyed their main meals, a specially-made Oxus Christmas Cake was revealed and sliced 6 ways without blood-letting before being promptly devoured.

Sensing a good thing in otherwise tough economic times, staff at the restaurant were excited by the amount of wine consumed and may have been pushing their luck when offering the 5th bottle of red after the bill had already been settled and the Oxus crew were stumbling towards the door.

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